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Who Should I Be Following On Instagram?

A Guide To A More Positive Social Media

Image from Instagram @stephanieyeboah

If 2020 was not already keeping our moods down enough, we do not need to be opening our Instagram feeds to be staring at unrealistic beach bodies and people hurling abuse at each other in the comment sections.

In order to strive to have a more positive outlook on life and stop comparing ourselves to photoshopped bikini pictures, we must replace these negative accounts. Instead, we must follow those which embrace positive thinking and are not afraid to show off their natural selves. Below are 10 accounts to follow which do just that:


1. Mel Robbins

Mel's Instagram account is aimed at helping you to discover the confidence it takes to be yourself and the courage to dream. Her feed is full of inspiring quotes and videos where she talks through how to banish the negativity in our lives. Mels Instagram is a great account to follow if you feel like you need a boost of confidence.


2. Malin Anderson

Malin is a mental health advocate who is open about her past hardships, reminding us that we all go through these struggles and we should not be ashamed of it. She regularly posts images of her natural body and encourages people to normalize normal bodies and not be afraid of all our wobbly bits.


3. Penny JC Pan Art

Penny is an artist who creates beautiful paintings using bright colours. It is important to fill your feed with creative individuals, as this can help to inspire your own creativity. Bright colours help us to feel energized, so whether you are scrolling through your feed on a morning or just taking a break, look through colourful pieces of art to motivate.


4. Libby Shappy Project

Libby is an illustrator who creates body positive images with messages of confidence to remind ourselves of. In her bio, she comments on how we must 'be nice', which is crucial to be on social media in this day and age, as there is so much hate.


5. Aerie

Many Fashion brands over the years have been called out for photoshop fails on their social media. Aerie is a brand with a mission to empower women to love their natural selves and have been retouch free since 2014. Their Instagram feed is filled with real women who have many different body types, showing how all bodies are gorgeous.


6. Marie Forleo

Marie is an Entrepreneur who uses her platform to post powerful messages. She focuses on developing skills such as self- confidence and leadership, which she believes are the keys to excelling in life. Also, Marie posts videos of self care Saturdays to get involved in and Q&A's with guest speakers who touch on topics, such as how to reduce stress.


7. Nature

Looking at images of nature enhances a positive mindset, as it reduces emotions such as tension, anger, and depression and embraces feelings of productivity and concentration. It also increases your energy so during your morning scroll through Instagram, it would be a great idea to look through accounts such as Nature to get your day off to a productive start.


8. Joanna Konstantopoulou

Johanna is a Health Psychologist who posts useful mental health tips that target issues such as anxiety and stress. Her bio contains a link to a blog that provides great nutritional advice, as healthy eating helps to improve our mental health.


9. Stephanie Yeboah

Stephanie is a Blogger and Writer who is not ashamed to admit her past struggles with her body confidence. She shows off her gorgeous body on her Instagram and teaches her followers about self-love and how important it is to accept your body.


10. Humans of New York

The project shares the extraordinary stories of the people living in New York. These stories are hugely inspiring as they open up about important topics such as love, loss, and mental health. Listening to other people's stories helps to inspire us to open up about our own lives and the issues we have faced, which creates a sense of relief that contributes to a positive mindset.


I hope you have found this guide as a useful and easy way to create a more positive Instagram feed. Pease remember to subscribe to LIV The Fashion Blog and follow my Instagram:

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